State of the College Address of President Dr. Edito B. Sumile on DOSCST’s 28th Founding Anniversary


       Our Founder and Private Sector Trustee, Hon. Thelma Z. Almario; our Provincial Governor, Hon. Nelson L. Dayanghirang represented by Mr. Art Benjie C. Bulaong – the Provincial Administrator; City Mayor of Mati, Hon. Carlo Luis P. Rabat represented by Engr. Joel Capalit – the City Administrator; Municipal Mayor of San Isidro, Hon. Justina Yu; our Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Genelyn C. Lim; our Vice President for Research, Development and Extension, Dr. Roy G. Ponce; our Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Joy M. Sorrosa; our Faculty Trustee, Hon. Ma. Cecilia L. Catubig; our Alumni Trustee, Hon. Romeo J. Redulla; our Student Trustee, Hon. Giani Andri A. Gayta as well as our College and Board Secretary, Mr. John Rey R. Codilla; the Deans of the Institutes, Extension Campuses Coordinators, Directors of the Administrative Offices and Research Centers, Department and Office Heads, members of the Administrative and Academic Councils, our Students, dear faculty and staff, retirees, alumni and other stakeholders, ladies and gentlemen, MADAYAW na HAPON!

I was appointed by the Board of Trustees as your Chief Steward of this institution. Ever since, I have always been aware that the tasks involved are tremendous and challenging and many reforms in higher education are forthcoming. For all these years, I am grateful to all of you for all your support, appreciation and cooperation. I am proud to say that what we have accomplished in the past years are achievements aptly shared by all of us. Our vision is to become a University of Excellence, Innovation and Inclusion. This is to pose a challenge to all of us to do a little more to what we used to do. We believe that this vision captures the strength of our institution and the scope of our work. We do not only aim to excel in the Davao Region; rather we want to show our presence beyond our borders. Our presence and our accomplishments should be known not only among SUCs but also among private HEIs throughout the country. I believe that each of us has unique talents that can be harnessed to help our institution grow. I am delighted to see the result of this challenge because for the past twelve months, we have indeed made significant achievements. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate everyone and the whole DOSCST family for coming up with a Strategic Plan that sets the course of where DOSCST is heading and how the institution positions itself in the next decade. We should all live by our core values to guide us in our respective responsibilities for the realization of this plan. We have to strive more.

Now, allow me to share the highlights of our accomplishments for the present year. With humility, I am proud to tell you that we have been overcoming the changes of the times and have strived into greater heights. We have likewise passed the Stage 1 Audit for the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and is preparing for the Stage 2 Audit which hopefully can be done next year. In addition, we will submit DOSCST to the Institutional Sustainability Assessment by Commission on Higher Education and we are currently preparing for that.

Today, let us look into the progress and state of the College against our Major Final Outputs, to wit, Higher Education Services, Research Services and Technical Advisory Extension Services which could have not been achieved and made possible without the collective and painstaking effort that each and every one of us has exerted.

As of October 31, 2017, a long way before the year ends; we have already accomplished significant targets. Our Major Final Output (MFO 1) in Higher Education Services shows an impressive progress.

Last June, we held our Commencement Exercises in the main and extension campuses where a total of 3,151 graduates received their diplomas and certificates in various graduate, baccalaureate and non-degree programs. The number of graduates has increased significantly over the last four years and we have also seen an impressive improvement in four-year graduation rates. Two (2) academic honors were given cash incentives amounting to 30 Thousand Pesos for Magna Cum Laude and thirty-four (34) received 20 Thousand Pesos for Cum Laude.

We also celebrated the success of our new licensed professionals. As of November 30, 2017, we have accomplished more than our target on the average percentage passing rate in licensure examinations by SUC graduates vs. the national passing rate. This year, I would like to commend our Professional Teachers both in Elementary and Secondary for accomplishing an annual passing rate higher than the national passing rate. With this, I also commend the DOSCST Institute of Education and Teacher Training teaching force and I challenge all of us to continually concentrate, be a laser-like, on student success and strive more for excellence. This underscores the importance of committing ourselves to quality education. I encourage our faculty to reinvigorate our teaching, to tirelessly engage in innovative pedagogy.

As I always say, we simply cannot settle for mediocrity and to ensure the rigorous standards of our academic programs, the College went through various evaluations this year. I would like to congratulate everyone for maintaining our spot as SUC Level III. Still, it is a reminder that we must work more and harder to reach higher and better.

Our second Major Final Output (MFO 2) highlights the Research Services. Through our faculty’s active involvement in research, we cultivate an atmosphere of excellence within the institution. The RDE In-house Paper Review and Showcases were successfully conducted. A number of research papers were published in renowned journals and were presented in local, national and international conferences and scientific gatherings. Furthermore, various research projects were also undertaken, both internally and externally funded.

Our third Major Final Output is Technical Advisory Extension Services which allows us to establish strong linkages to different sectors while serving our community. Shown in the Powerpoint presentation are the extension activities and projects spearheaded by the College. I wish to commend everyone who has taken part in the success of our research and extension endeavors. Kudos!

It is right and fitting to mention the faculty who have presented their papers in international conferences, to name them, we have Saturnino E. Dalagan, Jr., Gemma M. Valdez, Necito Baldoz, Anecito R. Viray, Jr., Cirilo O. Ybañez, Jr., Lenna S. Erespe, Cindy A. Lasco, Lilibeth S. Galvez, Carmela N. Hadia, Felix U. Sansaet, Janeth C. Tayone, Wilanfranco C. Tayone, Joy M. Sorrosa, Ariel C. Eballe, Bernadette J. Nanual, Ivan L. Saligumba, Kier Bebeloni, CL Pansoy, Lanie B. Laureano, Dony Dongiapon, Arniel Alderite, Edison Roi Macusi, RQM Salang, Erna S. Macusi, Lea A. Jimenez, Jhon O. Inoco, Gorjel E. Llanita.

The College has also aspired to excellence in its administrative operations and over the years, we have made significant progress along this dimension. The administrative support system has been strengthened considerably with the hiring of new staff. The budgeting process of the College has been collaborative and transparent. As we look into the five-year budget trend, there is a 34.96% increase in our budget.

Most remarkably, we have made financial investments in new infrastructure projects. As shown in the presentation, state-of-the-art infrastructures were completed just this year to address the College’s bid to provide access to quality education. This includes the:

  1. Design and Build of DOSCST Admin Building
  2. Construction of Academic Building
  3. Construction of Cold Kitchen Phase I
  4. Construction of Covered Path Walk
  5. Construction of DOSCST Flagpole, Pedestrian Access Gate, Curve and Gutter and Park Benches
  6. Landscaping of New Admin Building; and
  7. Rehabilitation of Grandstand Roof System


The new Administration Building is built as a state-of-the-art facility so that clients who are dealing with their transactions are served efficiently.

The on-going infrastructure projects include:

  1. Construction of Cold Kitchen Phase II
  2. Construction of Graduate School Building
  3. Renovation of H-Building (2-storey Academic Building)
  4. Construction of 3-storey Academic Building
  5. Construction of Academic Building in Cateel Campus
  6. Construction of Dormitory
  7. Construction of Library Building Phase I; and
  8. Rehabilitation of Engineering Building


Several infrastructures are also in the pipeline just like Construction of Academic Bildings in Banaybanay Campus, San Isidro and Main Campus, Construction of Drainage System, Construction of Physical Education, Sports and Wellness Center, Construction of Laboratory BS Criminology, and Construction of Water System and Power House Supply.

We are thankful that we were given a higher budget for capital outlay because this is the perfect time for realizing and sustaining our programs to become globally competitive academic institution of science, technology and environmental conservation.
In terms of faculty development, we were given chances to send faculty for professional development. Some of our faculty members are currently enjoying scholarship from CHED for graduate studies. There are 37.42% or 61 faculty members who are actively pursuing Masteral Degree while 25.15% or 41 faculty members are actively pursuing Doctoral Degree. We expect that when these faculty come back a stronger and more effective and efficient teaching force will be offered by DOSCST.

In terms of students’ grants and scholarships, as of today, there are 183 internally-funded scholars, 4437 externally-funded scholars and 6349 students are enjoying the Free Tuition Program for 2017. Faculty and student scholarships are in close partnership with the District Representatives.

We started dreaming to be a University – a university that could uplift the people of Davao Oriental and its neighboring provinces, a University that could excel and go extraordinary in the ASEAN region and beyond.

This year, the unified action of the Board from the Student Trustee to the Private Sector Representatives, DOST, NEDA and CHED Chairperson shared our profound dream. Thus, the Board of Trustees favorably endorsed the conversion of DOSCST to Davao Oriental State University. To give you an update, the Universityhood of DOSCST is under House Bill 4218 sponsored by Congressman Joel Mayo Z. Almario and currently in the Senate Bill 1617 with Senator Joel Villanueva as the principal sponsor.

So, what are the tasks ahead of us?
We are positioning ourselves to become a globally competitive university because we believe that it defines our strength, our character and our aspirations. We want to produce graduates that can compete globally. We want our faculty and researchers to produce outputs that are comparable with those of their peers and colleagues. We want our community to be empowered. We want our client to be satisfied and delighted in their engagement with us. To put it simply, it is our dream to create an environment in the university where the faculty and staff are contented and successful in their respective responsibilities, where the students are given access and assured of employment after graduation and have achieved their full potentials as individuals and where the neighboring communities are empowered to use the technologies we have generated to improve their lives.

I would like to invite everyone to take a look at our Strategic Plan. The plan highlights our strategic goals, strategies and measurable outputs/metrics to guide us through. As I said, starting next year, for our students, we will implement the free tuition and miscellaneous fees program starting in the first semester, August 2018. For those already enrolled in the university, you will no longer pay the said fees; however, you will only be free within the duration of your enrolled course plus one year grace period. So if your degree program is a 4-year degree program, the government is so generous that you are allowed to overstay for one year and still for free. However, requested subjects are not free. Meaning if you request a subject that is not a regular offering, the student has to pay the said tuition and miscellaneous fees.

The first batch of graduates of the Grade 12 will enter DOSCST next year. As such, we are also expecting a number of freshmen seeking admission to the College. We will continue to implement the Outcomes-Based Education in our respective Curriculum. What this means is that our students will be learning specific skills in a particular course. So, I am instructing the VP for Academic Affairs, Director for Instruction, the Deans and the Program Heads to ensure that courses under the new CMO are taught as OBEdized courses.

We will be offering new graduate programs. The following programs are recently approved by the Board of Trustees:

  1. Master of Arts in Public Administration
  2. Doctor of Education major in Educational Management
  3. Doctor of Philosophy major in Development Administration; and
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainable Development


These newly approved graduate offerings would surely open a more-advanced learning opportunities to the professionals of the province.

We will likewise enable and require regular faculty members, especially those with higher academic ranks to conduct research and extension projects and publish papers in peer-reviewed journals. Our research agenda will be focused on addressing issues of global importance such as climate change, renewable energy, poverty alleviation, gender and development, health and peace.
We continue to forge enduring partnerships among our stakeholders. In fact, we have continuing research linkages to international and local agencies and organizations. We are currently tied with the Central Mindanao University for CHED DARE-TO Project in Mt. Hamiguitan, we are in collaboration also with USEP, UP Mindanao, Provincial Local Government Unit of Davao Oriental, DENR, Global Environment Facility and Asian Development Bank. For extension programs, we are continually in collaboration with the Commission on Higher Education, Department of Trade and Industry, Development Bank of the Philippines, Department of Agriculture, Department of Science and Technology, City Government of Mati, Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development-Department of Science and Technology (PCAARD-DOST), Southern Mindanao Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Consortium (SMARRDEC), and UN-World Food Programme. It was just recently that Mr. Shauming Lo, a professional underwater wildlife photographer, had an underwater photo documentation of marine wildlife in Mayo and Pujada Bays.

We open doors for academic collaboration to other universities here and abroad that are mutually beneficial and sustainable. We establish a management information support system for an effective and efficient client-centered governance. And we continue to involve our alumni in the crafting and design of program and projects, promotion and fund sourcing.
We have also formulated the College’s Freedom of Information Manual which was approved by the Board to safeguard or records and to guide us in proper handling of documents and files.

We are also commended by the CHED Regional Director for being the first in Region XI to formulate and present guidelines in the Random Mandatory Drug Testing for DOSCST Students and Employees.

Last year, our theme was “Paving the Way for Change”. Today, as we celebrate our 28th Foundation Anniversary, I challenge everyone to “GO EXTRAORDINARY”.


DOSCST has achieved a lot this year, both progress and challenges and I would like to thank everyone for your forbearance of the tough times, for your embrace of the new initiatives, and for your contributions to the remarkable story of this College. Exciting opportunities await us and these opportunities will surely require more of us. But, together, we will always rise to the challenges of the day.


Let me tell you a story which has inspired and challenged me and perhaps will do the same to some of you. I want you to listen to this story since you will get a very good lesson out of this.

Once there was a king who received two falcons. One falcon was flying majestically, soaring high in the sky. But the other falcon had not moved from the branch since the day it had arrived. The king summoned its court to remedy the situation but to no avail, still, the other falcon remained unmoved. So the king ordered his men to get a farmer. To cut the story short, the next day, the king was thrilled to see the falcon soaring high above. Upon seeing this, he ordered his men to get the farmer who did it. He asked the farmer, “How did you make the bird fly?” The farmer said, “It was very easy, Your Highness. I simply cut the branch where the bird was sitting. The bird had no option but to fly.”

The lesson of the story is: we are all made to fly, to realize our incredible potential as human beings. But at times, we sit on our branches, clinging to the things that are familiar to us. We conform to the familiar, to the comfortable. So for the most part, our lives lack excitement, thrill and fulfillment. Let us learn to destroy the branch of fear we cling to and free ourselves to the glory of flight.
Let us dare to go extraordinary and develop our full potentials for the good of our institution and our country. Let us not squabble over things that will create only division and dislike. After all, we are only temporary in this world and our services are part of our journey called life.

Daghang salamat and once again, Happy 28th Foundation Day!



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