Solidarity Day

Themed “Be informed. Get connected. Stay as one,” series of events were held at the Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology (DOSCST) gymnasium on November 13, 2018 headed by the Supreme Student Government (SSG).

Students and officers of each of the institutes, together with the invited personnel, gathered to attend the Students’ Parliamentary in the morning. The events started with the presentation of the proposed school uniforms. The Institute Governing Units and the SSG also presented their financial and accomplishment reports for the clarification of the students’ funds whereabouts. Afterwards, an open forum was conducted to give an opportunity for the students to raise their concerns and issues regarding the school, the administration and their respective institute.

The yearly celebration of Solidarity Day took place in the afternoon aiming to promote and celebrate good relationship within the student population of the college and to develop oneness.

Mr. Rodrigo A. Salimaco, OSA Head, reminded the students of the true essence of Solidarity and left a quote saying, “To be one, to be united, is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.”

Students were also entertained by the competitions that happened during the event — Pop Dance Competition and Your Face Sounds Familiar.

The contests ended with the following results:

Pop Dance Competition:
Champion (188 points) – Institute of Education and Teacher Training (IETT)
1st Runner-up (184 points) – Institute of Business and Public Affairs (IBPA)
2nd Runner-up (183 points) – Institute of Computing and Engineering (ICE)
3rd Runner-up (178 points) – Institute of Agriculture, Life and Sciences (IALS)

Your Face Sounds Familiar:
Champion – Institute of Agriculture, Life and Sciences (IALS)
1st Runner-up – Institute of Education and Teacher Training (IETT)
2nd Runner-up – Institute of Computing and Engineering (ICE)

Post courtesy of: Ang Sidlakan

Words by: Ethel Marie Gastanes

Photos by: Daryl Bareje, Loreen Mari De Erio, and Christella Marie Rabang

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