DOSCST ROTC Unit rates its highest for the annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection

“You made it through the rain.”

These were the words of the SUC President III, Dr. Edito B. Sumile, commending the whole force of the Davao Oriental State University (DOrSU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Unit for their incessant performance during the Regional Annual Administrative Tactical Inspection (RAATI) held at the DOrSU Grounds on April 10, 2019. Despite the tantrums of the weather, the DOrSU ROTCU secured a 99.72 numerical rating for the inspection this year, making it by far the highest rater in RAATI for the whole Region XI.

The DOrSU ROTCU, with LTC Ronie I Morimoto (MI) PA, Commandant, underwent intensive evaluation by the team of inspectors headed by Col Edwin O Cañete OS GSC (RES) PA – Chairman of the RAATI Team. The cadets and cadettes displayed their snappy prowess in the manual of arms, and gave their best during the ceremonial parade, rank inspection, company drill, administrative inspection, military stakes, and field demonstrations.

The RAATI Team paid a courtesy call to the Office of the President where they were welcomed by Dr. Edito B. Sumile, SUC President III, and other faculty members of the college. It was then followed by the Commandant’s Briefing, facilitated by 1LT Arlene E. Llamada (RES) PA, Asst. Commandant.

The event was also graced by Gov. Nelson L. Dayanghirang, represented by Engr. Rosendo Linsag; Col Ruben B Matillano GSC (INF) PA, MAJ Romelle A Sanchez (SC) PA, MSg Diosdado S Resuera (MI) PA, TSg Norberto N Montera (FA) PA, SSg Goliver R Gerozaga (Inf) PA, SSg Joenel B Barranco (Inf) PA, and Cpl Fidel L Bag-ay (Inf) PA — comprising the RAATI Evaluation Team; and other men in uniform from the 701st Brigade and 10th Infantry Batallion.

This year’s tactical inspection determines the existing condition of the activated ROTC Units in terms of administration, personnel, training facilities, training aids, equipment and support extended by school authorities; evaluates the degree and quality of training attained by the ROTC cadets vis-á-vis performance of Army personnel assigned in the ROTC Units; measures the degree of administrative efficiency, training management, proficiency and quality of training and education attained by the corps of cadets; determines the best performing ROTC Units in the region as basis for awards and recognition; and determines the extent of support provided by the school.

The DOrSU ROTCU is currently in first place after earning the 99.72 rating — the highest RAATI rate for DOrSU, so far. However, the final ranking will be identified when the University of SouthEastern Philippines ROTC Unit gets inspected.

Notwithstanding the uncertainty of the results yet, the SUC President has shown his gratitude to the whole unit and to the forces behind the success of the RAATI.

“You’ve done your best, and you’ve proven (also) your best today,” Dr. Sumile conceded.

Ang Sidlakan

Words by Shaye Nirza Dacles
Photos by Daryl Bareje

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