DOSCST Candidates crowned as Mr. & Ms. SCUAA 2019

It was a good start for Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology in the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) 2019 as it dominated the first highlight competition having its candidates crowned Mr. and Ms. SCUAA 2019 on April 22, 2019 at the Compostella Valley State College Gymnasium.

19-year old Basketball player Al Matthew Batingana was hailed Mr. SCUAA 2019; whereas, his partner, 20-year old Badminton player Lucky Jeanelle Zamora stood alongside him with also a crown on her head.

“I want to encourage the youth athletes who have found more passion in online games such as DOTA to not neglect sports. As an athlete myself, I am aware of how sports makes us much healthier physically, and I want to instill that thought to those athletes, and provide opportunities for them to rekindle their old love for their sport— that’s how I bridge the gap between the rising fondness of youth to online games and sports,” was Al Matthew Batingana’s winning answer that made the crowd cheer for him.

The Mati City’s SK Federation Chairman also brought much conviction to his advocacy of helping and reaching out to the members of the PWD community who are out-of-school youth, and promote oneness from among universities by opening an avenue for PWDs to play in regional athletic competitions such as SCUAA. His firm stand and determination for the project got him to win the Best in Project Proposal Award with which the SCUAA committee shall provide monetary support. Batingana also nabbed almost all the minor awards: Best in Sports Attire, Best in Casual Attire and the award from Kutis Beauté Derm.

Ms. SCUAA 2019, Lucky Jeanelle Zamora, did not start as strong as her partner, but she redeemed herself in the Question and Answer portion where the scores have been back to zero. When asked of her precognition as to who she thinks she is after 10 years, she hurriedly but carefully answered, “Ten years from now, I see myself as a teacher.”

Ms. Zamora elaborated how much she wants to inspire the youth to love education not only because it is a lifetime process, but also because she still thinks they are the hope of the nation and they can make use of education as their tool towards facing what lies ahead. As a future teacher, she was able to show her passion for her profession through her words, and ended her answer by saying, “Teaching, for me, is the noblest profession of all.”

The final results reveal the DOrSU candidates as the Mr. and Ms. SCUAA 2019, while the runners-up for Mr. and Ms. SCUAA are the following:

Mr. SCUAA 2019
1st Runner Up: University of SouthEastern Philippines (South)
2nd Runner Up: Davao del Norte State College (DNSC)

Ms. SCUAA 2019
1st Runner Up: Davao del Norte State College (DNSC)
2nd Runner Up: Compostella Valley State College (CVSC)


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Words and Photos by Shaye Dacles

Original Post: Ang Sidlakan Publication facebook page

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