Coalescing Festive Spirit

B19ger and better!
As it is, this year’s Siglakas became bigger and better. Seven active participating teams bolt out to bring home the bacon and reach out to grasp triumph single-handedly.

This year’s competing teams still consist of BEC Bulls, CEC Poseidon, IALS Hunters, IBPA Lions, ICE Stallions, IETT Phoenix, and SIEC Hornets.

One of the highlights in the introductory event is the metaphor given by the Keynote Speaker and the Regional Sports Director of Region XI, Mr. Jonell R. Palanas. He focused on the water bottle that depicts every athlete’s dream which is needed to be filled with knowledge and experiences.

According to Mr. Palanas, “Discipline among yourselves must be practiced all the time because if not, you are not preparing for your future, you are only preparing for a single game.”

He also reiterated that athletes with good character are successful, and good character is rooted to discipline.

Dr. Edito B. Sumile, SUC President III, officially opened this year’s S19LAKAS #Bigger&Better. And when he did, a new chapter of gains are yet to be cherished.

“Win not only games, but also friends.” — Dr. Sumile

Words by: Sitti Nor_Atheer Basucao and Cristine Jane Orias
Photo by: Shaye Dacles


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